The internet time clock of meckano, allow your employees to report their presence easily by using simply the internet access.
Meckano's system based on cloud computing, so there is no need to purchase nor install a software program on pc.

The importance of a smart time clock system, allow the business to define easily complex principles and salary policies
For the organization, watching the data's online anytime anyware.
The system builds on meckano's servers so there is no need to worry about computer installments or adjustments,
And the organization only pays for what it requires.

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>>Internet time clock
>>Attendance system in cloud computing technology – SAAS

Advance management tools will accompany the day to day work. The first entrance to the system
Will expose a variety of smart tools and advanced time management for the organization.
If you need an internet time clock system this is the place to start!

Our clients says:
"very simple and easy system, if I gain time and money every month, every business owner needs it".
"more than a time clock, here we talk about streamlining and saving on a day to day bases".