Many managers already understand the Major saving they have with Meckano attendance system.

"its much more then just tracking hours

                                        we are aiming to daily streamlining and reduction".

what kind of time clock fits the best for your business?

web time clock
reporting app system including location
biometric time clock
telephone time clock

Web time clock

Mobile app including location reporting

Biometric signing

Telephone time clock

Easy to use interface for adding employees and manage departments.
adding employess with a click of a button
update, add and change work departments
according to the organization structure.
Customed time clock for the employee tailored to the working enviorment.
adding employess and departments
manage working contracts

manage complex working contracts and seperately calculates hours according to orginization needs.
  • calculates extra hours.
  • manage breaks
  • calculates hours accordings to shifts
  • full correspondence to holidays and special days
  • managing bonuses and driving expences
    and so much more..
manage working contracts

Weather your employees are working in the office, outdoor or even abroad

with Meckano you can track employees hours everywhere!

  • Attendancy system based on location
  • Reporting absence and events
  • Updating notes and reminders
  • Watching a monthly report
  • Reporting missions and managing projects according to the employee location.

come to visit the time clock app from inside!

time clock app

Managing missions in Meckano is an integral part of the working day

  • Flexible reporting missions through variety of tools
  • Separate working hours from projects
  • Online ROI that allows managing budjet
  • Pairing a mission to a worker/department/company
  • Detailed reports

managing missions improves working processes and your business success!

managing missions
Connect to working processes with a click of a button!

Rich control panel with everything you need.

On-line watching in hours status customized to your organization.

attendancy reports, working costs and missions, amount of working hours- all can be managed online!